For the Big Little Kid in You

About Us

Started as a hobby while growing up collecting rare items has made what Big Boys toys is today. Now we collect things for Bigger Kids. We sell products that we like and we stand behind them.

We import most our products internationally and sell to individuals and wholesale to Established Businesses and companies that require our products.

From Samurai Swords to Vegas Casino accessories we will have something entertaining for you. We are after all in the business of entertaining.

Hard to find high end expensive and some not so expensive items that are rare and specific items that have unique niche and highly sought after. Some in bulk some one in a million.

Please contact us for any specific hard to find products or more information on our current items.

"From Exotic Cars, Samurai swords and Home Theater products... If it exists, for the right price... Our team can find it"

At Your Service,

Christopher Grimes